Cryptokink – Online Safety & Security

With so much of kink culture and socialization taking place online, it’s all but inevitable that we have multiple online personas with email and social network accounts.  We access these online resources from a variety of devices, some of which we carry with us constantly even in the “real” non-kinky world.  Many of these broadcast our location and eagerly try to “connect” us with potential new friends.  Often enough, these helpful connective devices give little consideration to our privacy or the fact we might rather not share our names and family details with everyone we meet.

Cryptokink shows you common ways in which your online connections can backfire, oversharing and potentially risking your privacy & safety.  We’ll talk about ways that you can balance your ability to communicate against social network companies’ desire to connect you to everyone and share all of your info with anyone willing to pay them for the privilege.  We’ll discuss the trade-off’s of various security postures and help you decide how much risk you can accept in exchange for the benefits online services can provide.  Call it Risk Aware Consensual Konnecting…  

Class Outline